12.18 Study Log

2.75h Tonight I watched some more videos on jasmine and finally got around to starting a section on task runners. I struggled with the first half of the tutorial because it was testing using jasmine on a site that had jasmine hard coded into the html. That felt like a very strange perversion of dev and production dependencies/tasks. From the little bit that I saw tonight it seems like task runners will allow me to load specs in and run them without manually importing every spec. I like that. I also like the concept of running the tests automatically (maybe after a save, or a build) and I feel like that may be in the cards as well.

I’m deep enough in on a few projects that I can start to see the clutter building up. Ie I had mocha set up as test in package.json from something earlier. If I change test to point to karma or jasmine then I’ll still end up with all 3 installed, and that doesn’t feel right.

Like most programming topics, I am sure someone very smart has thought about this before, and hopefully they published their work somewhere I can find it!

Tell me what you think.

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