12.14 Study Log

2.5h Tonight I worked a little bit on what the flexbox with wes bos, I did some css styling on my slatemaker app, and I did a kata (pretty quickly!)

The flexbox tutorial was good, but I really glaze over on tutorials like this. I know I need to understand how to style things a lot better, but it’s really really boring. It all seems to make sense when I am taking notes, but then applying it always seems to end up differently.

I did use some of my newfound flexbox info on the slatemaker app tonight. I was able to put it in a flex container and then style that with an external css file. I initially had to work on a static html file and a statically linked css file, but I slowly figured out that the reason I couldn’t get my css to load was because the server wasn’t serving it! That was a big part of the solution. Next I poked a lot at how to serve static files in express, and then I discovered that just because something is located in /style/ doesn’t mean that express will serve it from there! It will generally serve it from the root, but you can set it to a path with an optional url parameter.

ie files in this directory are served at the root of the server:

app.use(express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'style')));

and this is served from the ‘style’ directory:

app.use('/style', express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'style')));

I also accidentally discovered the atom git functionality and I love it! I somehow activated that tab and then decided to commit and push. It worked without a hitch!

Goal setting for the weekend:

make my mbta app look better with some styling. 

review the syllabus and identify some more things to learn

write 5 tests for one of my projects.

Tell me what you think.

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