12.09 Study Log

5h Today was the rare day that I got as much coding in as I hoped for! I worked on the MBTA transit app, and I did one.single.codewars.challenge. That one took an embarrassingly long amount of time, but it can only get better. In my defense I got the main solution quickly and then got really stumped on an edge case.

I’m also looking at a bit of time off coming up and I have been planning and scheming to try to make the absolute best of my time. I’m going to make a study schedule, cook a lot of meals, and work on living my best life 😉 . “Work” is so often my excuse for not doing anything and I’m really looking forward to not having that excuse soon.

I’m running into a weird react issue where I am updating state and then the app reacts by refreshing the components. That part is fine. The issue is that it seems to be refreshing faster than the setState command can get the new value into state! That means it is constantly one selection behind where the state actually is. I’m not sure what to search for on this one. I may have to ask a friend. It seems it is because setState is asynchronous, but I’m not sure how to fix it yet.

I also got bothered by the bright google chrome dev tools and realized that they have a dark mode!

Tell me what you think.

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