12.08 Study Log


Tonight was all project night. I’ve started working on an app that overlays text onto pictures. I have done this before in python and now I’m trying to make it happen in node. Eventually it will probably have a react front end. I’m deep enough in that I have found my library (GM or graphics magick) and I’m putting some text in. The frustrating part of tonight has been that it is pretty difficult to align text so far. I’ve been trying lots of things and collecting new error messages. I also want to see if I can set up node with a watch restarter like I did with my react tutorial with wes bos. I’m pretty sure that was all done in the package.json file, so I’m hopeful it can be replicated.

Oh, one thing that was interesting about the gm install is that it required a lot of things that weren’t on npm. I had to use homebrew to get a bunch of stuff. That doesn’t seem like it would make for a clean deploy in the future, but I guess now is not the time to worry too much about that.


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