11.13 Study Log. Redux and Learning

3.3h tonight. I finished up learning how to learn, did some sorting algorithms review, and started on the freecodecamp redux section. I’m still struggling on finishing the modern React with Redux class and I think it is because I really feel like I don’t have a foundation of ‘why am I doing this?’ I understand why people use redux, but it feels cumbersome and wordy for all of the tiny concepts I think up. I bet it is great for much larger things, but it’s difficult for me to see the merit, so it is hard to put the time in, so I continue to not see the merit! This is a long way to say that the free code camp section is a bit more self-guided and I’m hoping I pick up a better base to build on. I would like to finish this section and then bounce back to the other class with a more educated view of redux.

I have also revamped my study habits a bit due to the learning how to learn class. I’m trying out pomodoro, I’m trying to draw pictures whenever possible, and I’m trying to think up questions so that I can quiz myself after 1,2,5,8 days. Lastly I’m trying to refresh some difficult topics right before bed so that I can work on it with my diffuse thought patterns. It is interesting thinking about how to do all of this intentionally because it occurred to me that the act of blogging is very similar to this. I have to sit down at the end of every day and analyze it. I need to remember the concepts of the day and write them out, and I need to look back once a month to see how far I have come.

Here are some of the big takeaways from Learning how to learn

  • re-reading study material or notes is not nearly as effective as testing yourself on it.
  • stopping and trying to recall all that you have learned is very powerful because you are reinforcing an existing pathway/
  • reviewing your concepts before bed can allow your mind to stitch everything together overnight. Diffuse thinking modes can occur over night.
  • night time is when the brain clears itself from toxins. not getting enough sleep really reduces performance AND makes learning harder.
  • using images on flash cards can really improve retention.
  • “spaced repetition” is when you review concepts over a period of time with increasing intervals in between. This helps to move concepts from short term to long term.
  • highlighting has a specific limited benefit in helping you find things faster when looking them up again, but doesn’t increase retention and can contribute to a false sense of learning.
  • exercise is amazing for your mind. It allows you to shift into diffuse mode very easily and it lets connections form in a relaxed manner.

Tell me what you think.

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