11.09 Study Log – ALGOS FOR DAYS

6.33h I did some algo work today and it actually felt pretty good! I worked on bubble, selection, insert, and merge sorting. I was able to make working code for most of them from the pseudocode which is reassuring. Once I am able to connect the dots between concept and code I think it will be a lot easier to remember the concepts than the code! I was particularly happy that I remembered merge sort from earlier today in it’s entirety. I’ll take any win in this world. Here is a video of sorting algorithms with admittedly annoying noise. I find it fascinating. The instructor often used visuALGO, which is cool because you can step through it slowly.

I also updated some dependencies on the mbta tracker that are giving me a security vulnerability warning on github. That was fun to figure out how to do it and then cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t break anything. I also finished up the october month in review. It was a big month to be sure. 3.6 hours of studying per day!

I’m starting to get more comfortable using snippits in the browser, and I’m looking forward to learning breakpoints this weekend. I need to get back on Modern React with Redux before I lose my momentum, but I am having a lot of fun with algos today!

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