11.04 Study log. Day #126

3h Tonight was kind of a reset night. I’m trying to wrap it up earlyish and catch up on some sleep. I paused a mid day study session to take a 30 min nap as well. I listened to a TON of podcasts today. mostly developer tea, but a little bit of complete developer as well. Those have been nice to be able to catch a lot of developer conversations. Tonight I listened to the react team talking about the new features they recently released and are about to release. Even though a lot of those features are hard for me to conceptualize it was still a good experience listening to them talk about their design decisions. I was also really taken by how well spoken everyone was. They certainly didn’t fit the stereotypical developer image.

I also spent a bit of time catching up on programming related writing, like medium posts and forums. I’m not saying that I am going to log my time on reddit, but it is still a good way to feel tapped-in to the community and get an understanding of what people are excited about.


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