10.24 Study Log

6.25h! 2.5h of the codeWithMosh React crash course. That was a good follow up to the FCC class. It taught a little differently and it was nice to be on a video course  for a change of pace. I didn’t take nearly as much notes (3pg) but the repetition is helping my retention.

I also did the ‘React without create-web-app’ video from Tyler McGinnis. That was good but not necessarily in the way he intended it to be. I am very thankful that the React people have built create-web-app, and I’m suitably humbled by how difficult it is to set up. I’ll know if I ever need to do it on my own that I should allocate a lot of time!

Lastly I did a few of Wes Bos’s sublime text videos. They were great! I was initially unsure about paying almost $50 to learn what is basically a text editor, but after seeing a few of the tips I definitely do think it will make me writing code faster, easier, and I will end up with formatted, linted code. I’m looking forward to getting some more tips tomorrow.

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