10.22 Study Log

sublime text distraction free mode

4.75h on freeCodeCamp’s React section today. I’m more than half way through it so I need to line up something else for my second react tutorial. This time I have been keeping up with the idea of writing notes and then typing them up later on. My previous FCC sections didn’t seem to warrant taking that many notes, but this all feels brand new, and there is a lot of picky syntax to keep in mind. My writing-then-typing strategy is actually great when I have a little time in the morning or lunch-time to study, because my head is so much more clear at those times, and then at 10 or 11pm it feels like I can barely have enough mental capacity to retype sometimes. Giving the right task to the right time seems like a good studying strategy.

I’ve also discovered sublime’s distraction free view mode. It really means it when it says distraction free. It is full screen with nothing but text and background. since I am taking notes in txt format it doesn’t even have any syntax highlighting. Simple. I like it.

Getting back to what comes next: I went deep down udemy looking for a good react tutorial. I found a bunch, but I need to sort through them because I’m not interested in learning redux right now, and a lot of them are offering other things that I don’t need. I’ll put something out on twitter to see if anyone is listening.

Tell me what you think.

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