10.20 Study Log


Today I went to a python job fair in town. It was cool. I’m far from qualified for even an entry level python job though. I talked with a bunch of people and got a little bit over my dislike of approaching strangers and talking about myself. I need to keep going to things like this. Networking is super important. It’s frustrating to think about how much time I have been spending learning to code yet I still know maybe 15% (if I’m being generous) of what I need to know in order to get my foot in the door. On the other hand It’s only been 111 days so far, and I’ve been averaging around three hours per day. That is both a ton of time, and not that much time depending on your goal. I DO definitely know a LOT more about programming. If I were still solely focused on python I would definitely be a lot farther along in that language. I would also still have to be familiar with a lot of things that are still on my to-do list like databases, containerization, front end development, etc.

I also did 1.5h of Javascript: The Good Parts. I learned about closure, modules, cascade patterns, currying, and memoization. I actually emailed a friend on the memoization section because I had so many questions.  I think I like the author’s style for the most part, but sometimes he will put code in that is broken to later tell us why, and sometimes the snark against the initial design of the language strikes me as yelling at clouds. Hopefully I’ll get to the point that I’m upset at the lack of proper block scope in JS, but right now I’m just working on understanding what it means!

I listened to 30m of the complete dev podcast on “bad programmer types” and what to do about / with them. It’s really interesting to hear these two talking about that. I wonder if it is a common workplace conversation, because it never has been (in a constructive way) anywhere I have ever worked. It is informative because there are examples that remind me of people that I have hated working with in the past, and there are examples that sadly remind me of me in the far-too-recent. It will hopefully give me some things to look out for and then I can sit back and think about why I said something defensive, or why I was less than pleasant in that email. These feel like little things when you are the one doing them, but they feel huge when they are being done to you. I’ve really enjoyed this podcast (not episode, the whole series) so far. I’m definitely going to keep listening in my non-existent downtime.

Lastly I typed my notes from tonight up. I have been writing them down and then typing them up. I’m not sure if it is the writing part or the fact that I go through it twice, but it feels a bit like it helps to remember the content. I still haven’t started on flash cards yet. I did get some stickers though. That will be a surprise in two weeks!

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