10.19 Study Log

2.75h Tonight was focused. I spent it all listening to massive attack and reading (and taking notes) on Javascript: The Good Parts. I took 3 pages of notes and then typed them in and put them on my studying repo on github. The physicality of actually putting pen to paper felt great, and it made me slow down physically while taking notes. I hope that helps it sink in a lot better.

The first 81 pages were generally not mind-blowing, but there were some good things about ‘this’ and other general concepts that are great to keep repeating. I’m stuck in an area where most entry level tutorials are largely stuff I have learned, but there is still a lot of entry level concepts that I need to get to. This book is great because it is hopefully thorough enough for me to hit of a bunch of my remaining items.

Tomorrow I’m going to a python meetup in town. I don’t know if python will be my career at this point, but I also don’t know anything about where the jobs are. I like python a lot, and it feels bad to not be learning it anymore. On the other hand I am still learning! I’m full of indecision and sushi.


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