10.16 Study Log

3h tonight. I did 2h of work on a new twitter scraper project. It’ll be an interesting thing for me to work on and realize what else I need to learn. Currently it has a python back end that looks at tweets through the twitter api and posts data to a text file. then a node app looks at that file and does some calculating. In the future I will need to set up a database but I’m happy with the shoestring version I have now (for the short amount of time it took)

I spent the last 30 min continuing to update my notes on JS. Tonight was strings. I wrote descriptions of the useful methods and started writing about string formatting. That will not be complete until tomorrow. It is pretty boring to be copying notes over, but it really does help the concepts sink in, and it means I have less googling to do when I am actually coding. Having things written in my own words means it is a lot easier for me to find it when searching.

I also started fooling around with setting up sublime text for some git integration, but package control looks like it just isn’t working on my machine. I need to try some more things, but I’m stumped right now.

Tell me what you think.

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