10.15 Study Log

4h My trip is finally over, and i’m studying at home tonight. I listened to ~2.5h of complete developer podcast on the flight home, and I did some refactoring of my general js notes and a little bit of project planning as well. I’m starting to build something that will require a backend process, a database, and a frontend interface. This will be small, but a good first project to involve all three of those concepts.

One of my struggles is that I want to access tweets for this site, and I don’t want to crush twitter’s rate limit by having every user directly hitting twitter. I also don’t want to have the front end code writing to the database because it feels kind of fishy to do that. That leaves me with the traditional model of some backend code pulling data into the db, and then the front end code grabbing data from the db to display it to the user.

Oh yeah, the other one is I have no idea where / how I will deploy this, AND i’m planning on doing it in vanilla js for now. At least I know there will be a bit of a headwind. I could do the backend bit in python and swap it out later, but I’m trying to keep my mind in the js / ruby mentality.

Tell me what you think.

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