10.14 Study Log

1.75h all on 2 codewars problems.

This one took me an hour, and then I see that the highest rated answer is only 5 lines long!


// Your task is to construct a building which will be a pile of n cubes. The 
// cube at the bottom will have a volume of n^3, the cube above will have volume 
// of (n-1)^3 and so on until the top which will have a volume of 1^3.

// You are given the total volume m of the building. Being given m can you find 
// the number n of cubes you will have to build?

// The parameter of the function findNb (find_nb, find-nb, findNb) will be an 
// integer m and you have to return the integer n such as n^3 + (n-1)^3 + ... 
// + 1^3 = m if such a n exists or -1 if there is no such n.

var cubeHash={}
function findNb(m) {
    for (let n = 0; findVol(n) <= m; n++){
      if (findVol(n) == m ) return n
    return (-1);

function findVol(n) {
  let volume = 0
  for (let i = n; i > 0; i--) { //iterate down and add up
    volume += cubeLookup(i)
  return volume

function cubeLookup(n) { //get and set cached values
  if (n in cubeHash) { //check for cached value
    return cubeHash[n]
  } else { //make it and cache it
   cubeHash[n] = Math.pow(n,3)
   delete cubeHash[n-3]
   return cubeHash[n]

Then I worked for about 45 min on this problem. I’m getting there, but it’s time for bed. I’m coding in a hotel bathroom while my family sleeps close by. It’s not very comfortable or motivational, but it’s also not a 0-day for the study log!

Today was a good day in that I stayed focused on one language, I remembered to use an es6 arrow function and Math.pow(), and I solved one problem. Small steps, but they are all in the right direction.


Tell me what you think.

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