10.13 Study Log

4h Today was another Jekyll and Hyde day. I spent 2h on doing Ruby koans and 2h doing 4 js codewars questions (2, 6 and 2, 7 kyu). I definitely need to stop switching languages, and I also need to make sure that I’m getting in a good mix of learning and actual coding. I feel like I’ve ‘learned’ a lot of concepts that I can look back on my notes and not really remember much of. I need to try to blend the learning with the coding so that it sticks better.

That being said I am going to try to focus on JS for the next month and then reevaluate afterwards. I could go on to react, or do some postgres, I’m not sure. I AM sure that I’m not learning much and getting all mixed up by switching between ruby and js so often.

I also read an interesting article on ‘Deep Focus’, and I want to pay attention to my focus levels while learning. That seems like a goal (getting good focus) that will reap big dividends.

Tell me what you think.

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