10.07 Study Log

3.5h Tonight I did 2.5 of js algorithms and data structures from udemy. I like this class a lot so far. it’s not so far over my head, and it’s teaching me things that I feel like I will need to know not only in an interview, but also on the job.

I also did an hour or so of the “complete developer” podcast. 2 episodes, but they were both sped up a bit. It’s interesting to hear the two hosts talking about the world of programming simply because I know so little about what it would look like / feel like. I listened to an episode on finding the right tech stack for your side hustle, and another one on going back to school. I wish the second one was focused on bootcamps, not going back for a cs degree. They say they are going to do that topic in the future though. I’m generally confused by the thought of going back to school for a cs degree because it seems like a long time to be tied up in education, and I am assuming that people would be doing that as a second career (so they would be a non-traditional college age) Oh well. either way it was nice to have something to listen to while I cleaned out the basement.

Yesterday I added a few new lines of code to the noDaysOff python project and got it properly updated on github. The featured image for this post is the current streak! 97 days depending on if you count today as a day before it is done. SO close to 100!!


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