9.30 Study Log

(I was traveling from 9.27-9.30, so this post was done after the fact)

5.5h total. Whoooo boy! I woke up in England and went to bed in Boston, There was a lot of sitting around waiting for planes and trains and announcements, so I made the best of it.

1h of The Udemy class Git a web developer job. I finally got my github logged in and connected to a local git repo. I created a new local repo, cloned a remote one, pushed that to my own fork on github, and did all sorts of push / clone / tests to figure out how everything was working.

1h of Cracking the Technical Interview. I’m in the Big O notation section, and even though I feel like I understand it fairly well it is grinding me down. I’m starting to think that since this is all so new to me I may have to set a goal to accept less than 100% comprehension the first time around. The next time I will have a bigger mental picture and hopefully be able to fill in the gaps. This in particular applies to sorting algorithms and nuanced big O examples.

1h assorted interview prep / simulation videos. Some from Google, some not. The google simulated tech interview was really helpful to try to put a picture on what it might look like. Now I just need to learn everything.

2.5 JS algorithms and data structures This is a pretty cool class. For once it’s not starting at the absolute beginning, and I’m happy to occasionally have to rewind vs always wanting to fast forward! I learned about big O notation (again) arrays and hash tables. I’m looking forward to the rest of the class, I think it’s going to be a great foundation.

I’m back from England and I’m really happy to have continued my streak and kept the study hours up. I wish I had more hours in on two of the days, but jetlag is real and so were my commitments. I feel like I did a decent job of packing things to learn for when I was offline, but I had no idea of how difficult it would be to get online / connected to sites that thought I was a hacker due to switching continents!



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