9.26 Study Log

2.5h on learn ruby the hard way today. I’m halfway through the lessons numerically speaking. I’m also sure that the further we get, the more involved each lesson will be. Today we covered ARGV, .to_i, how to do text file reading and writing, and now I’m finding some open source projects so I can read them and look for things I don’t understand.

Tomorrow I have a long flight, and I’m hoping to do a little coding on the plane. I have packed all sorts of pdfs and movies for the trip. I really don’t want to kill my streak simply because I didn’t prepare to be away from home!

I’m going to pick up a copy of Cracking the coding interview. I looked at a few example questions tonight and damn – there is some stuff in there that is way, way over my head. It is good to be humbled though. I need to know how much there is left to learn.

Tell me what you think.

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