9.25 Study Log

learn ruby the hard way

4.5h today. Mostly on Ruby at LearnRubyTheHardWay.com, but a little bit was finishing up the js final project over at flatiron bootcamp prep. I put that down again because I realized how draining all of the Test-driven-learning is on me. I spend so much time:

  • trying to understand what my script is doing because you can’t see console.log for debugging,
  • then I bring every thing onto my machine for testing,
  • then I don’t have all of the frameworks installed so I need to comment them out. No testing here!
  • I finally think I get it working and bring it back to learn.co
  • only to realize it is failing 23/40 tests (yea?)
  • then I start slowly picking my way through it.

I think it may be good for some things, but currently I’m really thankful that they aren’t a service I am paying to learn through.

On to the good stuff! I ripped through 15 ruby examples today and it’s feeling pretty good so far. I bet I will eventually get to the point where the things I do not know in ruby are the same things I do not know in other languages, but that’s ok. I will just have to slow down and work on some entirely new skills, as opposed to learning how to write it in x language.

Ruby has been nice to learn so far. I like the syntax and terseness of it. I haven’t touched rails yet, but I think starting with Ruby is appropriate.

Tell me what you think.

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