2018-08 python workflow and tools

My chosen development tools keep moving and mutating so I decided it would be good to start documenting it as time moves on. I started out in Sublime text, then did a few courses that used jupyter notebooks a ton. I like a few features from the notebooks but overall I dislike the clunkiness of the web browser interface. I also really dislike that it is hard for me to get .py files out of it. There are good use-cases for notebooks, but to me most of those times I can also just use the python prompt.


JUST this month I discovered that you can run python code inside of Sublime! It’s great! I briefly switched to spyder after I saw someone running it side-by-side with the terminal and code editor. That was great, but after the initial buzz wore off I found the editor was laggier than sublime, it crashed once or twice a day, and I eventually stopped using it as a result.

A few days later I was watching a tutorial from Corey Schafer and I noticed he was somehow running code inside of Sublime Text. I went down a wormhole of configuration videos and finally realized exactly how easy it is.  To build the script and run it the shortcut is command-B. and to show or hide the console window the shortcut is control – backquote.

File Management

I work on three different machines so it is important to have my files shared and synced across all of them. My current method is to put everything on google drive. It gives me the ability to roll back to a previous version, syncing across machines, and I can also use the web interface in the event that I end up using a new machine. The one issue that I run into is that if I don’t save and close my files when leaving a machine I will often end up with conflicting versions. This is more a concern with the text files that I use for taking notes because I need to save the source code in order to run it, but the text files can go hours between saves.

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