My rough blueprint / curriculum

I just stumbled on this page from alex krupp and it really resonates with me.  Admittedly it is 6 years old, but I think the author is in a very similar position as me, and his plan seems to be well thought-out. He broke out the lessons into month-by month goals. I like that concept because there is a TON to learn, and it makes it easier to focus on the present, knowing that in a month or so you will be on to the next thing. His list also reminded me of how much I am going to have to learn that is not “coding.” I’m reminded of this every week or so. There is so much that is ancillary, but necessary. I need to learn GIT/github. I need to learn a lot more command line tools . I need to learn and work on documentation. All of those things (and more!) are not coding, but are important in order to have maintainable code.

To summarize Alex’s plan:

Learn HTML & CSS (2 – 3 weeks)

Choose a language – probably python

Choose a MOOC – udemy and…?

Learn More Python (3 – 4 weeks)

Unix and SQL (3 – 5 weeks)

Choose a Web Framework (1 – 2 weeks)

JavaScript and jQuery (4 – 6 weeks)

Miscellaneous tools (About 2 weeks)

Git (About 2 weeks)

Data Structures and Algorithms (3 – 4 weeks)

Applying for jobs as a developer

Now that plan is ~26 weeks at the long side. I’m doubtful that I can devote as much time as they did, but I’m also looking to learn over the course of a year. I’m probably going to add in some ruby to the mix above. Overall it seems like a good base to work off of. I need to get planning!

Tell me what you think.

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